Our Wish List For Clinic & Equipment

  • Eyeglasses– Many patients can’t afford glasses and frames. We would like to develop a
    voucher program so our needy patients can obtain free or low-cost glasses.
  • Eye Exams– The cost of providing an eye exam is $60. We would like to increase the number
    of eye exams we can provide by 500
  • Transportation– to help patients get to their appointments.
  • Eye Surgeries– The Clinic provides free eye surgeries for pterygia which can grow over the
    Eye, distort the vision and even block the pupils. Our cost for medications and supplies to
    provide this surgery is $180 per patient.
  • Specialized laser equipment to treatment Glaucoma (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)– The clinic has many patients with glaucoma (high pressure in the eyes) which is painless and can cause vision loss and blindness. Medications are very expensive (up to $400/bottle). This laser treatment can reduce or eliminate the need to use eye drops to treat glaucoma.
  • Double our Capacity – The clinic sees 2000 patients yearly but there are over 120,000
    uninsured people just in Lee County. The need is great. We have limited numbers of
    volunteer Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. We want to hire an optometrist to perform year-
    round eye exams.
  • Volunteers and Ambassadors-We always have a need for more volunteers to assist in the
    Clinic, help with administrative functions, development and marketing. Ambassadors bring
    friends to tour the clinic and learn more about our charitable work.

For more information or to become an ambassador or volunteer, visit www.fllec.org call 239-498-3937.