Doctor and patient

Staff and Volunteer Doctors

Volunteer Doctors

We thank the following dedicated volunteers in our Medical group for their generous donation of time and talent to help us serve the community.
If you would like to join this group, we would be happy to speak with you! Please click CONTACT US and we will be in contact with you!

John Baker, MD
Martin Berman, MD
George Corrent, MD
James Croley III, MD
Tim Diegel, MD
Bonny Eads, OD
Mark Gorovoy, MD
Howard Freedman, MD
Michel Herrin, COMT
Faruk Koreshi, MD
Carol Marston-Foucher, OD
Ben Martin, MD
John Parrish, MD
Richard Shapiro, MD
Ashish Sharma, MD
Thomas Sheehan, OD
Parna Shenoy, MD
Robert Sherman, MD
Brad Snead, MD


Joseph Carpentieri, MD
Alfonse Cinotti, MD


Sahira Aguilar Ramirez, Surgery Coordinator
Valarie Bostic, Development Director
Char Lupke, Practice Administrator
Celeste Mora, Receptionist