Our Vision

To improve eyesight and maintain a high qualify of life by diagnosing and treating visual and related ocular medical conditions.


Our History

The Florida Lions Eye Clinic (FLLEC) “Gives the Gift of Sight” by providing free eye care and surgeries to people without medical insurance and below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. The Clinic was started when a few retired ophthalmologists and Lions Club members wanted to help prevent blindness for low income people in the community. They saw a growing need for eye care for people who could not afford medical insurance.

The Bonita Springs Lions Club’s Board of Directors approved the idea and assisted with setting up the Eye Clinic. The founding physicians and Lions Club members, Frank Hays, Dr. Howard Freedman, Dr. Richard Shapiro, Dr. Alfonse Cinotti, Dr. Joseph Carpentieri, Robert Hilliard, Evelyn Barger, Gordy Hare and Steve Blad used their connections and experiences from 30+ years in the optical medical practice to put together the Eye Clinic in 2008.

FLLEC is a Federally recognized 501c3 charitable status organization. The Clinic is 100% supported by donations, grants, and events hosted by the Clinic and supporters. Although I is the only free eye clinic in the State of Florida, it is not supported by government agencies, but is required to follow strict governmental regulations.

Some of the Clinic’s partnerships include several physicians who provide quality eye care to the Clinic patients, whether it is in the Clinic location in Bonita Springs, Florida or at the referring physician’s practice. As an out of Clinic volunteer physician, a medical practice would receive a referral packet with a letter to accept patients for a pro-bono evaluation. Physicians are welcome to decide on the number of patients they wish to see in their offices each month.


                                                                  Dr. Tim Diegel, Medical Director